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The Vortex Boys, Chapter 6/?

Title: The Vortex Boys
Author: onabearskinrug
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Rose with LOTS of others
Summary: Rose Tyler, a writer for Smash Hits magazine, gets the opportunity of her career when she's chosen to go on tour with the new teen sensation The Vortex Boys. What happens when appearances aren't really that deceiving after all?
Author's Notes: My first entry for trope_bingo. This will fill the "au:band" square. If you're at all curious about my card, you can click here! Not sure how long it's going to be, but there is a deadline so I'm going to work through it as quick as I can! MANY MANY MANY thanks to timelord1, kelkat9, who_in_whoville, callistawolf, and kahki for looking this chapter over and all of the ladies over in bad_wolf_rising who helped me plot! This is going to be a fun one, so I hope you enjoy it!

Catch up!

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Sarah Jane always made it a habit to arrive at work early, nearly an hour before the rest of her staff did. She used that time to drink her coffee, catch up on emails, and plan her schedule before the madness of the work day began. She relished the quiet time, a commodity that was so rare in her home life, that she nearly groaned out loud when she saw Reinette perched outside of her office with a murderous expression on her face.

"Reinette," she greeted, not bothering to keep the annoyance out of her voice as she unlocked her office. "You're here early. Is there something I can help you with?"

Rather than respond, Reinette pulled something from her handbag as Sarah Jane flipped on the lights and settled at her desk. Before Sarah Jane could even turn on her computer, Reinette tossed a periodical in front of her and stood with her arms folded.

"I thought you'd like to see what your precious field reporter is up to," she told her, a bitter tone to her voice that surprised Sarah Jane.

She glanced at the tabloid in front of her, the headline of "HAS JOHN SMITH FOUND LOVE?" assaulting her eyes. Directly underneath was a grainy concert photo and, despite the low-quality of the image, it was unmistakable that John was on one knee, beaming up at her reporter and holding her hand while Rose smiled quite goofily back at him. Sarah Jane had to bite her lip to keep her own grin from blooming across her face. They seemed completely besotted with one another, and it warmed Sarah Jane's heart to see Rose look so happy.

"So...what's the problem, Reinette?" Sarah Jane asked, glancing up at the fuming blonde. "Rose is doing exactly what I asked of her. She's getting in the thick of things, really getting to know the group."

Reinette began sputtering. "Well...don't you think...this is a bit...unprofessional? I mean, throwing herself at one of the Vortex Boys like this? She's going to give Smash Hits a horrible reputation!"

"I've only heard complimentary things from their manager," she replied calmly. "Everyone, is impressed with Rose's level of professionalism, including the members of the band. She's been sending me daily reports and drafts and we're right on schedule with the story. What she does on her own time is not really any of our business."

Reinette was practically fuming by now. "How do we know she isn't just...using John to get dirt for her exposé?"

Sarah Jane's eyes narrowed. "How did you know that she'd been planning an exposé?"

Immediately, Reinette flushed and wouldn't meet her eyes. "Oh, she...erm...told me about it. Before she left. I tried to talk her out of it, Sarah Jane, it wouldn't put Smash Hits in a very good light..."

"Hmmm..." she said softly. It was obvious Reinette was lying, and it wasn't really in Rose's character to share information with the other woman. She knew they weren't exactly close, and the fact that she'd herself had to practically beat the information out of Rose...well, Sarah Jane filed the information away for future reference. "Rose and I chatted a few days ago. She assured me that the exposé was off the table."

"And you believed her?"

"Of course I did," Sarah Jane huffed. "I know my staff, Reinette, and I would appreciate it if you didn't question my judgement."

Reinette looked chastised. "Of course, I'm sorry, Sarah Jane..."

"I appreciate your concern," she continued. "But I will deal with Rose. In the meantime, you have a piece due today. I suggest you use the extra time in the office to work on it. Our Editor-In-Chief has complained that your work has dropped in quality over the last few weeks. I don't want to hear that from him again, you understand?"

She flushed. "Yes, Sarah Jane. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns."

"Anytime, Reinette. My door is always open, you know that."

She nodded and left the office. As soon as she was out of sight, Sarah Jane sighed deeply and pulled out the bottle of paracetamol she kept in a desk drawer. She could already feel the headache building, and it was barely half eight in the morning.

After downing the pills with a sip from her water bottle, she picked up her office phone and dialed the familiar number. Despite her defending Rose to Reinette, she wanted to hear the story for herself, make sure Rose's judgement was clear and that she would be able to continue on the story without conflict.


Rose awoke from a deep sleep when the bed dipped next to her and a warm body slid beneath the covers and spooned up against her back. She let out a quiet hum of contentment as a now-familiar hand began lazily tracing up and down her side.

"Morning," John whispered in her ear, placing a gentle kiss there before moving his lips to trace down the curve of her neck. "Sleep well?"

"Mmmmhmmm," Rose murmured, stretching and pressing her body back against him. They both gasped in tandem as the soft flesh of her bum met his insistent erection.

He thrust against her gently, his hands starting to roam hungrily over her naked form. He caressed her breasts and gently twisted her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, the arm still trapped beneath Rose's neck grabbing onto her nearby hand and entwining their fingers together. She floundered a bit, breathless, before reaching back with her free hand and grasping onto his hair, turning her head so she could kiss him.

She cried out against his mouth when his questing fingers pressed between her legs, him breathing out an expletive when he felt just how badly she wanted him.

John grasped onto her hip, coaxing her to roll onto her back, the angle suddenly perfect to deepen the kiss, to slide her tongue against his and map every crevice, to catalogue every ridge and spot that made him shiver. He broke away first, eyes dark and heavy-lidded as he moved in to kiss her neck, moving his lips down her body and so close to where she was ravenous for him that she was nearly gasping for air when he finally pressed his lips just above her curls.

John's dark gaze met hers, a questioning look in his eyes, and she nodded, entwining her fingers in his hair as he encouraged her legs up and over his shoulders. Rose gasped at the first press of his lips to her clit, the gentle suction from the kiss nearly causing her to fall apart in an instant. He was very talented with his tongue, providing just the right amount of pressure to keep her in limbo, desperate to come but wanting the delicious sensations to last forever. He hummed in pleasure as she rocked and moaned, slipping two fingers into her heat and thrusting them gently in time with the rhythm of his tongue.

A simple twist of his fingers was enough to do her in. Her hands clenched in his hair as she cried out, heat coursing through her body as he continued his ministrations, easing her down as she gradually relaxed back onto the bed, completely spent, her heart pounding in her ears.

John began making his way back up her body, his kisses gentle and sweet but she could feel how tense his muscles were underneath her hands, could hear in his deep, shuddering breaths and how his hands shook as he touched her that he was aroused beyond all rational thought. He was moving deliciously against her, his arousal so close to where she wanted it that she was glad he'd made her come first. Her head was at least somewhat clear so she didn't beg him to take her, bare, right then.

"Condom," she whispered in his ear as he pressed kisses to her neck and his hands roamed hungrily over her skin.

John nodded, his hand groping around for a moment before producing another brightly-colored packet. Rose took it from him and tore it open, rolling the small piece of latex over his erection and loving the way his already-labored breaths turned to audible pants at the light contact. She guided him to her entrance with a murmur of his name and he pressed inside of her so swiftly that her breath caught.

He was moving immediately, the gentle tenderness of the night before replaced with a raw hunger that made Rose desperate for him. She met each thrust with her own, clutching him to her and encouraging him with gentle murmurs that belied the filth that was spewing from her lips.

She managed to choke out an expletive that made him cover her mouth with his, the combined pressure of their kiss and the coiling tension within her finally sending her over the edge, her groans muffled against his mouth as his thrusts sped up. It was only a handful of motions later that he stiffened, muscles straining, moaning into the kiss that they still shared as he let go and pulsed deliciously inside of her.

John collapsed against her much as he had the night before and Rose wasted no time in running her fingers through his damp hair. She adored his hair, and judging by the way he shuddered and pulled her tighter against him, she didn't think he minded. They lay there for a few moments, catching their breaths, enjoying the blissful afterglow before John rolled off her with a soft kiss to her shoulder, turning away to clean up and facing her the moment he was done.

"Hmm...good morning indeed," Rose teased, curling into his side and resting her head on his shoulder.

He chuckled and wrapped his arm around her, tugging her closer and dropping a kiss to her hair. "Quite extraordinary in fact."

"I don't even know what time it is," she told him, glancing around the room before realizing that the clock was behind her and opting instead to remain snuggled in John's arms.

"It's still early," he replied. "Barely half-eight."

Rose was about to ask why he had woken up so early when her mobile began to buzz from the nightstand. Rose groaned and rolled over, recognizing Sarah Jane's office number on the screen.

"My editor," she told him, turning back towards John and sliding the phone open to answer the call. "Morning, Sarah Jane!"

John nodded and gestured towards the ensuite. Rose nodded back as he stood up from the bed and stretched. She couldn't contain her smile as she admired his lean, bare form in the early morning light. He was gorgeous. He caught her staring and shot her a charming grin before disappearing around the corner.

"Rose? Are you there?"

"Hmm? Oh, sorry, Sarah Jane, what were you saying?"

"Oh, nothing, just that you sound chipper this morning."

Rose grinned to herself. "No more than usual. Everything all right?"

"Well, I saw your picture in the Enquirer..." Sarah Jane began casually. "Just...thought I'd see if you have anything to tell me."

"Rose, what do you fancy for breakfast?" John's voice called out as he exited the ensuite and came into view, back in his pants and vest from the night before and grinning as he slid into place next to her.

"Who is that?" Sarah Jane asked, with what Rose sincerely hoped was a smile in her voice.

Rose turned to John and pressed her finger to his lips, unable to stifle her grin as he kissed the digit and lounged attractively on the pillows.

"No one...so, why was my picture in the Enquirer?" Rose asked, trying to focus on the conversation.

"Well, you were being serenaded by one of The Vortex Boys. You two looked a bit pleased at the fact, too."

"I was serenaded by all The Vortex Boys, but I suppose the tabloid forgot to print that part," she told her editor. "It was just a bit of fun."

John pouted a bit at her words, and Rose smoothed her thumb across his lips with a smile.

"You seem like you're enjoying yourself there," Sarah Jane continued. "I just...want to make sure you won't have any problems with the story. That there aren't any distractions or anything clouding your judgement."

Rose started a bit. "What do you mean by that, Sarah Jane?"

Her editor sighed. "Rose, all of your notes seem to focus on John. He dominates our conversations. And to be honest, I can even hear in your voice that he lights you up. I just...want to be sure that you're going into this with your eyes open."

Rose sighed, unable to tear her eyes away from John's reclined form. "I appreciate it, Sarah Jane, I do. And...things are good." She couldn't stop the grin from blossoming over her face, a grin that John returned. "Things are really, really good."

"Well, then, all I expect is that your work won't suffer," Sarah Jane told her brusquely before her tone turned warm. "And we'll have to all get together when you and the boys come to London."

Rose laughed. "It's our last stop on the tour, it won't be for two months yet."

"So you've got lots of time to prepare him," she replied. "You sound happy, Rose. Really. Just...be careful."

"I will," Rose promised. "Thanks, Sarah Jane. We'll talk at the end of the day?"

"The end of the day," Sarah Jane agreed. "Give John my regards."

Rose blushed, but couldn't keep the smile off her face. "Sarah Jane sends her regards," she told him, holding the phone slightly away from her mouth.

"My regards back to the lovely Sarah Jane," he replied, not bothering to keep his voice low, and Rose heard her boss laugh in response before bidding her a good day and disconnecting the call.


Reinette was practically seeing red as she disconnected the conference line. So, Rose Tyler thought that she was worthy of John Smith's affections. Everything she had read in the papers about them, the pair often being seen in one another's company and barely able to keep hands to themselves, was true. And now he was unmistakably in her room first thing in the bloody morning, asking her what she wanted for breakfast...

Reinette huffed. John Smith needed someone like...well, like her. Someone refined, someone from a good family. She knew that, despite her success at New York University, Rose Tyler had grown up on a council estate with a chavvy bottle blonde for a mother. Reinette was descended from French nobility. John Smith wouldn't have looked twice at Rose if she had been standing next to Reinette.

She drew in a deep breath, calming down and gathering her thoughts. They'd be here in two months. Reinette would have to make sure she was invited along to whatever gathering Rose and Sarah Jane were planning, and she'd make John Smith know once and for all what he was missing out on.


John and Rose made it down to the hotel breakfast eventually, several long kisses and a mad dash back to his room for a clean set of clothes later. The rest of the band and crew were already there, having been ushered into one of the smaller conference rooms to keep the fans and paparazzi at bay. When John and Rose entered, it was to catcalls and whistles that caused them both to blush brilliantly and head directly to the buffet table. Rose was ravenous, and she filled her plate and glass before John grabbed her hand and led them to the table.

"You two look...well rested," Mickey offered with grin.

"Tested the merchandise, I imagine," Jack told them.

John cleared his throat as he pulled out her chair, offering her a small, intimate smile as she met his eyes. She smiled back and sat down, John immediately grasping her free hand as he took his place next to her.

"You two are so cute," Jack said, immediately turning his focus on John and grilling for details.

Rose rolled her eyes and turned to Rory, who was engrossed in his laptop, occasionally taking a bite from his plate as he scrolled through what seemed to be real estate listings.

"Are you looking for a place in London?" Rose asked excitedly, leaning towards Rory and ignoring Jack's pleading for John to kiss and tell.

"Hmm?" Rory asked, turning towards Rose. "Oh, no, I've got a flat there already. I'd like to buy my mum a house. She wants to be closer, and we spend so much time in London that it'd be great for her to have her own place."

"Oh, Rory!" Rose exclaimed, squeezing his arm affectionately. "That's so sweet of you!"

He grinned. "Thanks. So, what do you think of these? Are they good areas?"

"Oh, yeah, they're perfect," she replied, squinting at the tasteful, modest listings on the screen.

"What are the mortgage rates like right now?" Rory asked. "I don't know if you own a place or what, but I guess you'd know better than I would, living there and all..."

Rose glanced back at him from the screen, confused. "They're...not bad. I've been looking at buying a flat myself. But...I don't mean to be rude or anything, but why would you get a mortgage right now? Makes more sense to buy something outright and it would save you in the long run..."

Rory chuckled. "Yeah, that'd be the day. Buying a place in London outright would clean me out!"

"Tell me about it," Mickey offered, apparently overhearing their conversation. "My flat just took about two thirds of my account. Wish I'd gotten a mortgage now!"

Rose stared at them, confused. They had sold nearly 15 million albums, were making appearances galore, putting on concerts nearly every night, working fifteen hour days 6 days per week. There should have been no question about whether Rory could afford a house for his mum. Mickey's flat should never have depleted his account, and Rose felt a gnawing concern growing. There was something not right about the entire situation, and anger suddenly flared in her chest at the thought of someone taking advantage of her boys.

She gripped John's hand in hers and he turned towards her at the gesture, giving her a sweet smile and squeezing her hand back.

She spent the rest of breakfast slightly distracted, a plan forming in her head to ensure that whoever was trying to pull the wool over their eyes would not get away with it for much longer.

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Mar. 20th, 2013 02:48 pm (UTC)
Damn you, Harold Saxon! He's just incurable, isn't he?

But, good news is that Rose and John are adorable, and Sarah Jane (sort of) approves!
Mar. 21st, 2013 11:08 pm (UTC)
I had a feeling something like this was going on! Unfortunately similar stuff happens a lot in the music industry even without diabolical foes like Harold Saxon. I can't wait to see Rose get to the bottom of it.

I love how Sarah Jane basically ripped Reinette apart without uttering even one classless comment. I know that won't stop her but at least she knows she doesn't have the upper hand with the boss.

The phone scene was adorable (and of course I loved the morning smuttiness)! I hope that these two find a way to make their relationship endure. Luckily I know the writer most likely wants that too ;)
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